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Nutritional Information

Terrapin and egg

Terrapin eggs is rich in protein, fat, calcium, vitamins A, B1, B2, nicotinic acid, enzymes and amino acids and has high nutritional value. The proportion of these nutrients is very close to the needs of body, and more than 90% could be absorbed by body. Lecithin and vitellin in the egg yolk are important to nervous system, physical development, and health.

Terrapin Egg Nutrition

The main nutritional value of terrapin eggs

  • High Protein
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Low Fat

Terrapin eggs contain unsaturated fat, lecithin, vitamins and many minerals needed for body such copper, zinc, Iron, calcium, and potassium. Moreover, terrapin eggs have essential amino acids which is similar to the proteins of human body. Normally 100 grams terrapin eggs contain 31.9g protein (Whereas chicken eggs only have 14g protein). The terrapin egg yolk is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, D and B. The iron content in yolk is 20 times higher than in albumin, and the trace elements in terrapin eggs, such as copper and zinc have the effect of anti-cancer.

Comparison of the powder constituents of terrapin meat and egg (in 100g)
  Terrapin meat (including cartilage) Meat only Terrapin egg powder
Mineral Calcium 870mg ー 153mg
Lynn 500mg ー ー
Iron 6mg 6mg 10.3mg
Sodium 95mg ー 335mg
Potassium 190mg ー ー
VITAMIN Vitamin A Retinol 27μg ー 130μg
Carotene ー ー 5μg
A potency IU 90 20 430
B1 0.75mg ー 0.14mg
B2 0.65mg 0.65mg 1.25mg
Niacin 3mg ー 0.07mg
C 1mg ー ー
E ー ー 3.8mg
Choline ー ー 360mg
Lecithin ー ー 2040mg
Analysis: Japan Food Research Laboratories

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