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About Terrapin (Soft Shell Turtle)

Terrapin and turtle look similar and both of them survived from 200 million years until now, and can survive in severe environment conditions.

Terrapin shell is flat, round; thick shell covering the body just like skin and no scales on the surface, the edge part is soft. Head and neck is slender, tubular mouth is slender, the front-end with the nose. In summer, terrapins dig holes near the water to lay eggs. Usually they have 10 to 20 eggs in one time but sometimes can lay upto 30 - 60 eggs.

About Terrapin

Superior dietary therapeutic tonic

The terrapin has been praised as a superior dietary therapeutic tonic since Zhou dynasty of China. The great pharmacopoeia "Compendium of Materia Medica" , written by the famous doctor Li Shi Zhen of Ming dynasty, has also made detail description about the high medicinal value of terrapin including terrapin shell, terrapin meat, terrapin eggs and terrapin liver. Nowadays, both concepts of diet and the preventive medical science become popular, people have paid attention on health more and more. Over the past decade, the tonic effect of terrapin was also valued by the Japanese, not only can terrapin strengthen physics, be beneficial to mental development and to enhance the immune system, but also promote the metabolism, skin beauty, adjust the physiological function, and improve health.

The Chinese medicine has thought highly of the terrapin since ancient China. In the Code of Chinese Affairs, a 5,000 years history of Chinese pharmacopoeia, there are many knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine made of terrapin, including shell, head, meat, guts, blood, eggs, fat and extracted lecithin, are all can be used as medicine.

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