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NIYU LIFE international Co., Ltd. is located in southern Taiwan. The main areas of research and development are related to producing health foods for both humans and animals.

NIYU LIFE owns terrapin pools and has facilities to breed terrapins in a natural environment. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of terrapins, terrapin powder, terrapin eggs and terrapin egg powder.

Mr. Ming-Cai, Xie founder of the company has 20 years’ experience in the eel business and 15 years’ experience in the terrapin business. He is fully conversant with processes of terrapin breeding and nurturing in order to get the best quality products and has extensive aquaculture expertise.

Mr. Ming-Cai, Xie is aware of the benefits of terrapins on the human body, therefore he started to cooperate with Taiwanese and Japanese research units 10 years ago in the research and development of health products. He uses freeze-dried technique to make terrapin powder and terrapin egg powder as a nutritional supplement for the human body. This has significant noticeable effects.

Recently, the laboratory has also developed terrapin products for animals, for example, adding terrapin egg powder to pet food, can not only make hair grow faster, but get more nutrition to the hair and make the hair more fluffy. For breast feeding animals it can increase the milk supply.

We strive to provide better quality products through our service philosophy, integrity and innovation.

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Niyu Life

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